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    Q1. Where can I watch LACIRA Reseller Videos in Hindi language?
    Many of our sellers speak Hindi, you can find Hindi videos here:
    What is Reseller Scheme? How to earn money? How much can you earn?
    Q2. How to check the number of orders placed by my customers?
    Once you sign up for Lacira Reseller Program,
    You will receive a Welcome Email on your Email ID with a coupon code.
    You will have to share your coupon code with your customers while purchasing from
    Our Software will track that order had been placed using your coupon code and this will show in your 
    Lacira Reseller Login Panel (Login Link - )
    Please note that you can only Sign in and see our software after you Sign up for the program.
    Q3. How to use website and forward products to whatsapp contacts?
    Please watch this video to understand how to share products using website
    English Video Link:
    Hindi Video Link:
    Q4. What type of training will offered by the Company?
    We will be support pillar in this process. Here are a few links to help you guide through the process.
    Website Link:
    Q5. How to Forward Products to your Customers? 
    For any other help please feel free to reach us on whatsapp: +91 98198 60103
    Q6. How long has the company been in business? What's the company background?
    LACIRA is a 4 year old Brand owned by "Forever Authentic", having more than 10,000 satisfied Handbags and Fashion Accessories users throughout India. We cater to Indian fashion customers with newest international designs at affordable prices right up-to their doorsteps. 
    Q7. What is the payment term and Conditions? 
    Payments will be made to you on 15th of every month by NEFT/Online Transfer in your Bank Account.
    Amount for orders (under your network) that are successfully delivered, an additional 10 Days will be taken to credit to your Account.
    You can check your due amount at anytime in your Login Panel:
    Q8. What is procedure of the payment to Resellers?
    Once you sign up at our Sign up Page, you will need to send us an e-mail on ( or whatsapp on +91 9819860103 
    Q9. How to appoint a Reseller under you?
    You can easily invite other seller under your network. Please watch the video to understand this better.
    Q10. How much time does the whole process require?
    Our Reselling program works online with our software, so everything is done instantly and immediately, there is no paperwork or complicated forms. Once you Sign up, you are part of our reselling program. 
    Q11. Do you require any documents?
    You will need a valid Indian number active on whatsapp and access to internet. You will also require one active Indian Bank Account to which we can transfer your commission on reselling.  You do not require any other documents to start Selling Lacira Products. 
    Q12. Is LACIRA a third party reseller or is the owner of the products?
    Our Brand is trusted by more than 25000 women across India and all our products are designed and manufactured by us with utmost care to quality and durability. We are the owners and only authorised seller of Brand LACIRA.