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Women’s Accessories - Fashion Trends 2016

Keeping up with season’s fashion trends can take up as much time as the ready to wear itself. If you are someone who keeps up with the pulse of fashion roller coaster, then you would be aware that the eighties and nineties are coming back in a grandiose way. Time to take a trip down the memory lane and bring out those high waist denims, leather jackets, sexy chokers and so much more. With the New Year, it’s your chance to reinvent yourself and your closet. Here’s a round-up of women’s fashion accessories that are here to stay for a time and are probably a good idea to invest in.

Starting with a favorite trend that has reigned supreme all year, it’s those stretchy leggings. Pair them up with current on-trend finds such as bomber jackets, crop tops and colorful sneakers and you are good to go. While every woman should have a pair or two of basic colored leggings, another trend that has quite caught the eye of modern day women is embroidered leggings. The growing popularity of these leggings is that these can be paired with kurtis, blazers and even oversized sweaters. Embroidered leggings are also a great way to show the world your sense of style and look chic while doing so.


Talking about on-trend accessories, how can we forget the choker mania? Ladies, this trend is really happening and is going to be there for a long time. So if you haven’t added a stylish piece in your wardrobe till now, do so now and spice your style up. You can go for basic, woven chokers or the ones with a statement pendant with it. You can opt for a simple piece with pearls for a more elegant, refined look.


A cool way of wearing your chokers is adding layers of neck pieces with it. Layers over layers of neck pieces are quite a sure shot way of glamming up any plain look in a flash. That doesn’t mean you go overboard though, be subtle and bring the bling game on.

Since we are throwing some shade on the hottest women’s fashion, how can sunglasses be far behind? Oversized sunglasses, aviators and cat eye sunnies rule the lot when it comes to putting your look together. If you are going with monochrome from head to toe, a cool way to jazz it up is by opting for colorful sunglasses or ones with peppy frames. Not only do they instantly grab the attention but make you look sexier than ever.

Another great way to make a statement is your everyday accessory – handbags. It has been all about the handbags this year and the bolder, the better. So don’t hold back on going for that bright fuchsia clutch or furry tote. Have some fun with your arm candy. They are also a great way to add oomph to your office wear so that your co-workers don’t start calling you “plain Jane” behind your back. Pair them up with bright sneakers or pumps to finish the look.


So how many of these fashion trends do you follow already? If there’s something missing in your closet, visit Lacira and find some great options to add to your closet.

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