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What a Working Woman Should Look for in a Handbag?

The women of today have a lot to juggle together. A working woman spends her days jetting between work and home, with interludes of family functions, social events and parent teacher meetings. On any given day, she’s rushing from her casual work space to a formal client meeting to yoga class and to cocktail with friends – always with a laptop bag, a purse and a lunch bag in tow.In writing this article, I spoke to a few of my work friends about the bags they were using for work. Majority of them, carry multiple bags for office, to carry their workout gear, tech devices, packed lunch and make-up.

It is therefore no surprise then that a she is always on a quest to find handbag that allows her to go about her life seamlessly.

Think Big. Find a style that can store your daily essentials and doesn’t look like an overnight journey bag at the same time. One that you can throw some extra stuff in, without it looking as if it’s bursting at the seams. Ideal measurements – a foot wide and 11 inches high.


Find a bag that suits your personal style. What’s “in” the season may be pushed at you by the salesperson, but it might not stand the test of the time. Whether you prefer one with lots of compartments or a simple, refined bag, go with one that matches your personality. These will also well coordinate with your office outfits.

Opt for a basic color.With so many things to juggle in between work and home, chances are you won’t be switching your bags all too often. It’s best to pick a solid, neutral hue, such as tan, burgundy or black so that you won’t have to worry about clashing colors with your office wear. And it doesn’t have to be boring. You can add a colorful scarf to show your stylish and professional side.

Function is important. Your workbag should have a cross body strap as well as top handles. If you have multiple items in your hand, you can simple sling it across your shoulder, while a top handle will give you the ease of grabbing your bag quickly.

Don’t forget the top zipper. Any busy working woman would vouch for the fact that the top zipper is a life saver really. It’s the best way to guarantee that your essential belongings don’t spill out during commute.

The interior lining makes a lot of difference. You might not realize this, but lining can add unnecessary weight to your handbag. Look for a lightweight option. Also, a lightly colored interior makes it easier to spot the darker items in your handbag.

Now ladies, you can spend time and wait to get your hands on the perfect work handbag, or you can save explore through our exclusive handbag collection. They are stylish, durable and professional, just like you. Have fun shopping!

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