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Points You Need To Know Before Buying a Handbag!


5 point you need to know to buy a handbag


Every now and then, one comes across a designer piece that is just irresistible. But is it a reason enough to splurge? Most women keep their eyes on the hot styles and latest handbag designs, which is a great thing if you want to stay in tune with the current times. However, the most common mistake shoppers make while buying a handbag is follow the current fashion blindly.



Just like apparel and shoes, when shopping for a handbag, one needs to consider whether it will suit their figure and body type. After all, a handbag is a part of your personality. In order to make your statement outfit stand out, it’s important that everything you wear must have a balance with your body. For some women, it’s not that hard to figure out. For some, it doesn’t come really easy. Here are a few tips to help out! 


  1. The right size - When looking for a designer handbag, you want something that would look best on you. According to fashion experts, the basic rule is – If you are short or petite, it’s best to go with small handbags work with your outfit. In case you are tall and slim, you can rely on mid or big sized, bulky handbags as these will really set off your figure.
  1. The right shape – Choosing a handbag that is proportioned with your body type is another way to look fashionable. The best way for the same to achieve is choose a bag that is opposite of your body type. If you are slim and tall, choose rounded bags and if you are small and petite, tall and rectangular bags would set you off better.
  1. Choose a neutral color – Matching up your handbag with clothes and shoes is the ideal way to look stylish. Either go for a colorful one with dominant colors that go with most of your outfits, or simply choose one with a neutral color. Black is the easy choice, and timeless. You should have at least one designer hand bag in your collection for sure. In case you already have one, go for other shades such as grey, nude, blue or maroon.
  1. Choose according to use – Every occasion, place or season calls for different kinds and styles of handbags. If you are looking for something that you’d like to carry to wedding, party or social events, a small and chic piece would do. In case you want something for day-to-day use in office or on a trip, you might want something large and handy where you can store more stuff.
  2. In your Budget! - We don't need to mention this one! But finally you your love for handbags should not be too heavy on your pocket. There are hundreds of good quality designer handbags available for best bang for the the buck! 

Select a handbag of your choice and budger

Now that you are well armed with all the knowledge on handbag shopping, make sure to put it to good use. And why wait? Lacira offers an amazing array of designer handbag designs online, in different sizes and colors. From premium elites to trendy casuals to chic minis, there’s a handbag for your every avatar. Do explore and pick the one that fits you the best.

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November 05, 2016

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