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How Fashion Empowers Women?

When writing this blog, I conducted a little research of my own. I asked a few of my female work friends – what’s the secret to being confident? Some said an optimistic outlook towards life, while some others said financial stability. But that’s true for everyone, right? When digging a little deeper, most of my “power group” told me that sometimes a right shade of lipstick, a killer pair of heels, a new hair cut or even an amazing arm candy to flaunt makes the day brighter, and gives them the confidence the face the world. A few even admitted to opting for superhero Tees when they need to be their own saviors for the day ahead. As the old adage goes, “clothes make the man.” Turns out it’s true for women as well!


As fashion has evolved over the decades, it has played an important role in empowering women. Sure clothes and accessories can make you look pretty outwardly, but they also make one feel good about themselves. There are times when you need that extra boost of confidence, and a favorite pair of heels or stunning dress is just what you need to rock that work presentation or a date. Remember when Julia Roberts was all of us when she went on a shopping spree in “Pretty woman?” The scene isn’t etched in our memories just because of the fashionable stuff, but because of the transformation she goes through that was nothing short of divine.



There have been studies that show when you feel good about yourself, you are likely to perform better in office and everyday tasks, improve focus and complete work with precision. No wonder all the powerful women we look up to are always impeccably dressed and on point. We have a few tips on how you can be look and feel your confident best when selecting an outfit for when you need a confidence boost.

First and foremost, figure out your personal style. Everyone has one. While fashion trends are there to help you figure out what looks best on you, your style is something that you own. The best way to do is by trusting your instincts and going with them.

Fashion isn’t just limited to clothing and accessories, but also with different kinds of haircut. It’s always good to experiment and try out various styles to see what frames your face the best.

A power outfit always begins with a great pair of heels. So make sure to have a pair or two that go with your most of the outfits and are dependable. Same goes with handbags. Even if you are dressed in the plainest of clothes with minimal make-up, you’d be surprised how a trendy handbag can give you the edge over others.


If you are looking for your next fashionable find to give you the perfect look, we have some exciting pieces for you. Do explore and pick what suits your style.

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