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Anatomy of a Tote bag and why is it essential to own one?

There is such a thing as a “handbag for every occasion” and it’s a very valid thing.
There, we said it!

Women who love bags will vouch for this and there is much truth in it. What you carry depends on where you’re going, what you’re wearing and what you need to carry in it. In saying that, the assumption that one or two standard bags can see you through every occasion is a bit of a stretch.

Except maybe when it’s a tote bag we are referring to. That point made, let’s talk about the most versatile of them all. So the tote is really the only type of handbag that can possibly pull off more than a few situations, in the sense that if you do want a more standardised piece, this one has to be it.

Totes over the years have evolved from very functional, big bags in basic fabrics to stylish pieces thanks to adaptations by major designers.

The one basic feature of a tote however that remains is that they are big and roomy. This is exactly what lends to their popularity and attraction. So, whether it’s a super stylish tote bag that one is carrying or a simpler more basic version, the space on offer stays. This works very well for travel or a workday when there is lot’s of stuff to be stored.

Totes usually are very easy to carry with handles that allow them to be lifted firmly or snugly carried over the shoulders. Convenience and easy of mobility is a big plus and makes the tote a super cool option for almost any occasion.

The style quotient is high nowadays with totes being available in a number of colors, designs and materials. This makes them extremely versatile and they go with pretty much every kind of look. Be it casual chic that one is aiming for or a slightly more glamorous version is on the cards. The colors can depend on the day and time with light and breezy being the pick for daytime and dark and intense ruling the roost at night.

In fact, honestly, even with totes there is so much to choose from that within the same style one can have more than a handful of bags. Which works great, isn’t it?

After all isn’t it all about looking effortlessly fashionable without trying too hard.
The tote is top notch and right up there with most of it’s super stylish counterparts and we’ll vouch for it. Good reason to invest in one now, so go for it!

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