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    Lacira trendy designer handbags for all occasions 2016

    Modern yet Desi: Most loved Embroidered Leggings

    Modern yet Desi: Most loved Embroidered Leggings

    It hasn’t been a long time since women all around us were crushing over leggings. While this casual cool outfit still remains a wardrobe staple, there is an addition to the variety of bottom wear for women – embroidered leggings. Gone are the days when leggings would remain balled up in a corner of your cupboard, taken out only to serve as an accessory to complement your kurtas. The latest trend of embroidered leggings has elevated their status from a wardrobe accessory to a major head turner.

    Made for women who follow contemporary fashion while remaining rooted to the traditional kurta wear, embroidered leggings are a great way to make a bold fashion statement. The best part about embroidered leggings is that they have a life of their own. From floral motifs to traditional murals, these tights tell the world a lot about your style.

    The basic rule of showing off your embroidered leggings is to pair them up with a simple, non-patterned or non-printed kurtas. However, if you are going to attend a family function or a party, you can opt for kurtas with similar prints as that of your leggings. Also, wearing flats with your embroidered leggings is a strict no-no. Go for heels that add grace to your whole outfit and help you flaunt your embroidered leggings with ease.

    At Lacira, we have an array of embroidered leggings in a number of colorful and alluring themes that go well with traditional kurtas and designer tops. For an edgy look, you can go for contrasting colors that are subtle and classy. Our designs range from colorful and fun to classy and exotic – offering you a choice of options to choose from. The embroidery on our leggings covers delicate floral patterns, peacock prints, a traditional mural to more modern designs such as pyramid and rainbow patterns.

    Exquisitely crafted by the artisans in the north-west of India, our embroidered leggings are a great way to add some desi flavor to your wardrobe. The leggings are made up of Eco-cotton and come with 4 way stretch ability to give you ease of movement. In our quest to bring you the best possible material, all our products undergo a bio wash procedure to reduce the chances of you getting any allergies. The best part is that our designs come in free sizes to fit every one.

    And to go with your leggings, we also offer a range of traditional earrings and neck pieces that are chic yet traditional.

    Apart from these, our catalog consists of exciting products such as handbags, sunglasses, backpacks and other women wear. Don’t forget to explore these sections as well when you are looking for some cool pair of embroidered leggings.
    So what are you waiting for? Go have a look at our latest designs and bring on some desi vibes.

    Why is everyone Gaga over Cigarette Pants?

    Why is everyone Gaga over Cigarette Pants?

    Cigarette pants are every modern woman’s go-to wear when looking for a classic and chic look that works well as both office wear and a fun night out with friends. The best spring and summer cigarette pants should be colored, light and fun so that you can create the right mix and match. Let’s look at the some really cool ways to style your favorite cigarette pants:

    1. For a day out with friends or those fun brunches, opt for a pair of orange colored cigarette pants. Pair them up with a bold colored crop top, such as Pink or Blue and a white pair of heels. A casual cross body purse is all you need to throw on to complete the look.
    2. A pair of white cigarette pants are a must have this season. It gives you a cool and breezy look while rendering an elegant appeal to your whole persona. A cropped shirt in electric blue or some other bold color looks great. In case it’s a formal day event, you can always go with a short fitted black top and a white shrug/ cape. Vice versa also looks good. 
    3. Floral prints are every fashionista’s favorite pick. Since florals do the talking themselves, you can keep the rest of the look simple with black crop top and black pumps. Style with gold earrings to complete the look.
    4. A date night out demands something special. And a pair of Red Cigarette pants is your go-to number to look your stylish best. Match with a mustard top or cardigan or even a black top. A pair of ankle length boots, sexy clutch and gold hoops will help you bring your A game to the evening.
    5. If you want to look you classy best without much efforts, a pair of Black cigarette pants are your best option. There are so many ways you can style with a Black number. For an office event or seminar, a crisp white shirt with black heels and small clutch completes the look. Silk shirts with messy hairstyle match well with Black cigarette pants when dressing for a less formal affair, such as an after office party. For a night out with your girlfriends, pair your black pants with a sophisticated party top, sky high heels and a sultry smokey make-up.
    6. A great casual way to create a casual work wear for office is by teaming your favorite pair of cigarette pants with a button up shirt, preferably one with a printed design.

    Many women love teaming up their cigarette pants with long kurtas and kurtis for a classic and contemporary look at the same time. The best colors to go for are white, black and maroon as they are easily matched with the top. Reinvent your wardrobe and invest in some cigarette pants for your wardrobe. We carry some great pairs that are sure to catch your eye, go explore and wow everyone with your style. 


    How Fashion Empowers Women?

    How Fashion Empowers Women?

    When writing this blog, I conducted a little research of my own. I asked a few of my female work friends – what’s the secret to being confident? Some said an optimistic outlook towards life, while some others said financial stability. But that’s true for everyone, right? When digging a little deeper, most of my “power group” told me that sometimes a right shade of lipstick, a killer pair of heels, a new hair cut or even an amazing arm candy to flaunt makes the day brighter, and gives them the confidence the face the world. A few even admitted to opting for superhero Tees when they need to be their own saviors for the day ahead. As the old adage goes, “clothes make the man.” Turns out it’s true for women as well!


    As fashion has evolved over the decades, it has played an important role in empowering women. Sure clothes and accessories can make you look pretty outwardly, but they also make one feel good about themselves. There are times when you need that extra boost of confidence, and a favorite pair of heels or stunning dress is just what you need to rock that work presentation or a date. Remember when Julia Roberts was all of us when she went on a shopping spree in “Pretty woman?” The scene isn’t etched in our memories just because of the fashionable stuff, but because of the transformation she goes through that was nothing short of divine.



    There have been studies that show when you feel good about yourself, you are likely to perform better in office and everyday tasks, improve focus and complete work with precision. No wonder all the powerful women we look up to are always impeccably dressed and on point. We have a few tips on how you can be look and feel your confident best when selecting an outfit for when you need a confidence boost.

    First and foremost, figure out your personal style. Everyone has one. While fashion trends are there to help you figure out what looks best on you, your style is something that you own. The best way to do is by trusting your instincts and going with them.

    Fashion isn’t just limited to clothing and accessories, but also with different kinds of haircut. It’s always good to experiment and try out various styles to see what frames your face the best.

    A power outfit always begins with a great pair of heels. So make sure to have a pair or two that go with your most of the outfits and are dependable. Same goes with handbags. Even if you are dressed in the plainest of clothes with minimal make-up, you’d be surprised how a trendy handbag can give you the edge over others.


    If you are looking for your next fashionable find to give you the perfect look, we have some exciting pieces for you. Do explore and pick what suits your style.

    Why Handbags Your New Best Friend?

    From time immemorial, we have been told that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Well they have got quite a competition now. Move over diamonds! Handbags are a modern woman’s new best friend. Think about it – Can a woman of today even go about her daily activities without carrying some sort of handbag? They carry all the must-haves and hang around with you wherever you go, while making you look classy and uber cool. Nothing completes a woman’s outfit like a well matched women handbag does. Whether they are chic, formal or flirty, handbags are indispensable for every woman who values her appearance.

    The best part? They come in all sizes, shapes, capacity and colors, that’s what makes buying and carrying a bag feel so good. All you just have to do is figure out the best match for you.

    But it’s not just this. The rising popularity of handbags goes much beyond. A woman’s handbags is a statement of who she is – a high end designer bag carrying professional, minimalism loving fashionista, or the one who rebels against fashion trends. So yes, while a handbag makes us feel good about ourselves, but it is also a proud statement of our personal style and progress in the society. A big whopper for independent women and our gorgeous bags!

    What makes handbags so awesome is that we have so many options to choose from. When you are attending a formal event, you would prefer something small and exquisite. A wedding or a party might call for some bling – stylish clutches are the best fit. A clutch will match with your stylish stilettos without taking the attention away from your dress. Embroidered handbags with traditional look go really well with saris or salwar suits.If you work at a place where you are supposed to look sharp and professional at all times, make sure to carry sleek bags.

    For casual get together with friends, you can choose from a burst of colors. Soft pinks, cheerful yellows, calming blues and greens are quite a favorite. For added character, soft tones with a touch of glitter will make you stand out. Floral prints are yet another way to make a chic statement.

    On picnics, hiking trips or tourist visits, a sling bag is the perfect little thing for you to carry. It leaves your hands free while keeping all the essentials in one place. If you are going on a weekend trip or on a shopping spree, a luggage tote works best. It holds substantially more stuff than any other bag and can easily be held over a shoulder – Super comfy and convenient!

    With so many stunning options in the market today, no wonder handbags are our new BFFs. If you are looking for a new arm candy to flaunt, make sure to explore a few options from Lacira. From casual evening, a party to a formal do, we have some really trendy designs that you’d love to add to your wardrobe.





    What a Working Woman Should Look for in a Handbag?

    The women of today have a lot to juggle together. A working woman spends her days jetting between work and home, with interludes of family functions, social events and parent teacher meetings. On any given day, she’s rushing from her casual work space to a formal client meeting to yoga class and to cocktail with friends – always with a laptop bag, a purse and a lunch bag in tow.In writing this article, I spoke to a few of my work friends about the bags they were using for work. Majority of them, carry multiple bags for office, to carry their workout gear, tech devices, packed lunch and make-up.

    It is therefore no surprise then that a she is always on a quest to find handbag that allows her to go about her life seamlessly.

    Think Big. Find a style that can store your daily essentials and doesn’t look like an overnight journey bag at the same time. One that you can throw some extra stuff in, without it looking as if it’s bursting at the seams. Ideal measurements – a foot wide and 11 inches high.


    Find a bag that suits your personal style. What’s “in” the season may be pushed at you by the salesperson, but it might not stand the test of the time. Whether you prefer one with lots of compartments or a simple, refined bag, go with one that matches your personality. These will also well coordinate with your office outfits.

    Opt for a basic color.With so many things to juggle in between work and home, chances are you won’t be switching your bags all too often. It’s best to pick a solid, neutral hue, such as tan, burgundy or black so that you won’t have to worry about clashing colors with your office wear. And it doesn’t have to be boring. You can add a colorful scarf to show your stylish and professional side.

    Function is important. Your workbag should have a cross body strap as well as top handles. If you have multiple items in your hand, you can simple sling it across your shoulder, while a top handle will give you the ease of grabbing your bag quickly.

    Don’t forget the top zipper. Any busy working woman would vouch for the fact that the top zipper is a life saver really. It’s the best way to guarantee that your essential belongings don’t spill out during commute.

    The interior lining makes a lot of difference. You might not realize this, but lining can add unnecessary weight to your handbag. Look for a lightweight option. Also, a lightly colored interior makes it easier to spot the darker items in your handbag.

    Now ladies, you can spend time and wait to get your hands on the perfect work handbag, or you can save explore through our exclusive handbag collection. They are stylish, durable and professional, just like you. Have fun shopping!